We place safety as the highest priority when performing our services.

We will deliver the necessary, code compliant modifications to meet your needs. Our licensed technicians are continuously trained to keep up with the ever changing technology and regulations, letting you rest easy knowing you’re protected. Our focus is always to provide safe, quality, trusted workmanship on your systems maintaining the peak operating condition for continued safety.

Fire Alarms

Inspection, testing, and repair, we have knowledge of all types of fire alarm systems. In existing buildings, we can replace and upgrade defective and obsolete systems as we work closely with manufacturers to have all parts for all types of fire alarm systems readily available. For new buildings, rest assured that we will provide the latest technology to meet the latest building codes

Fire Sprinkler

Our service driven sprinkler departments are specialists in inspecting, servicing and retrofitting occupied buildings. In new construction, we work closely with general contractors and other trades to provide the system that meets your needs. Our experience allows us to work with difficult or high hazard applications. All design is managed locally to insure the most efficient and cost-effective installation plan that meets local codes.

Fire Extinguisher and Extinguishing Systems

We supply, design, engineer, install and provide on-going service for all types of standard and special hazard extinguishing systems. We’ll also train you and your staff in the proper use of extinguishers, so you can get the greatest value and protection.

Specialty Suppression

Your source for specialty suppression solutions that can quickly contain the spread of fire in your building. Contact us to discuss your unique system service and installation requirements.

Kitchen Suppression

Inspection, service and installation of restaurant fire suppression systems to provide protection for cooking appliances, exhaust hoods, and other high-temperature appliances.

Fire Hydrants

Inspection, testing, maintenance, replacement, repair, and flow testing of all types of fire hydrants.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

A critical aspect of fire safety, our monitoring services provide peace of mind that your building is protected.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Bi-Directional Amplifiers enable first responder communications during an emergency at your facility. FSP’s services begin with a survey to determine if a system is needed. If a system is required, we can design and install a system that meets all local requirements as well as provide ongoing inspections and maintenance.


We provide a complete fire line backflow preventor inspection, testing, and maintenance. Our highly skilled technicians look forward to ensuring dependable operation of your fire protection system.


Along with our inspection and maintenance programs, we ensure your system maintains peak operating condition for continued safety and is up to current standards. We work with you to make sure that your maintenance and installation programs are code compliant, cost effective and meet your facility needs.