FSP has grown through successful acquisitions and integrations.

Fire Safety & Protection, LLC (FSP) was formed by Sunny River Management to build a premier fire & life safety business. FSP has been established by, and will grow through, the acquisition of several smaller, like-minded businesses built on customer service and local code expertise in the installation, service/repair, and inspection of fire & life safety systems. We are made up of industry veterans and all of our partner companies have been in existence for decades, some dating back over 50 years.

Core Vallues

Our approach is to maintain and continue to improve the high-level of customer service and local touch of the businesses that join FSP, while helping those businesses grow through access to more capital, back office support, technical staff training & development, and senior management support through engagement with the workforce, customer interaction, and the development of management talent.

FSP is a preferred employer with many opportunities for growth. If you are interested in joining the team, apply here: